Peruvian Maca
100% organic
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Powder for
boosting male potency

Helps increase male sexual drive
within 5 minutes due to its unique formula

  • Imidazole alkaloids affect the urogenital system functioning of both men and women
  • Fatty acid amides have great aphrodisiac properties and increase sexual drive
  • Thiocyanates and glucosinolates have antitumor effect
  • Peruvian Maca is a tasty way to enhance your erection

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Side effects of infrequent sex


Painful ejaculation and urination, groin pain

Hormonal imbalance

Obesity, skin diseases, premature ageing 

Heart disease

Disorders of the circulatory system, hypertension,
heart attack

Premature ejaculation

Filthy talk, gossips, depression, impotence

Effects after taking Peruvian Maca

Prolongs sexual intercourseб boosts your self-confidence.

Enhances long-lasting erection, gives an ability to repeat performance faster.

"Turns on" sexual desire and strong erection every day, provokes increased testosterone secretion.

Do you want to surprise your partner?

Of course, I do!

Powder for
boosting male potency

  •  Accelerated duration of spermatogenesis
  • Delectable flavor
  • Convenient package
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3 main substances for
boosting your sexual drive in each package of Peruvian Maca


  • Is known as "Inca`s herb for boosting sexual attraction".
  • Due to the high content of amino acids and biological active substances, which are necessary for sex hormone synthesis,
  • it increases the testosterone level


  • Normalizes the level of cholesterol in blood
  • Removes harmful substances
  • Boosts the immune system


  • A powerful antioxidant
  • Stimulates the antibodies production, which protects infectious and catarrh diseases, and the red blood cells production
  • Boosts male libido

Effective remedy for erectile dysfunction

the results are seen with the naked eye!

Provide your body the essential nutrients it needs to maintain a strong erection
Peruvian Maca contains a big amount of ingredients which boost male erection and sexual satisfaction. It also improves the functioning of cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
Normalizes blood pressure and blood circulation
Active agents of the power are quickly absorbed into the blood, improving blood circulation in the genitals and effectively keeping a strong erection.
Boosts male sexual drive

Peruvian Maca consists of those ingredients which increase penile sensitivity. It helps to experience more intense sexual pleasure of orgasms.
Naturally increase testosterone levels

Naturally produced testosterone plays a very important role in male function, maximizing muscles and strength. It also prevents fat deposits, stored in the body. All these factors contribute to sexual attractiveness of men to women.

A bit of Peruvian Maca powder for a really
strong erection

Due to the powder form, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, making an erection harder

Convenient package

  • Single-dosage is only one tablespoon.
  • Can be mixed up to water/tea/milk
  • Recommended duration of use is at least 4 weeks
Peruvian Maca

Why 18 thousand men
chose Peruvian Maca?

Other medications
  • Delayed time course of drug effect
    (pills, capsules, powders)
  • Synthetic drugs 
  • Drugs which are inconvenient to use
    (ointments, pills, drops)
  • Drugs which are inconvenient to carry around
  • Drugs which provoke health deterioration
     (heart attack, hypertension, prostatitis)
Peruvian Maca powder
  • Immediate time course of powder effects
  • Consists of natural ingredients only
  • Can be mixed up
    to milk or tea for better taste
  • Convenient to take
  • Enhances functioning of nervous,
    circulatory and urogenital systems

Expert opinion

Our clinic is one of leading providers in expert medical treatment for men's sexual health issues and we could not have gained our widespread popularity without using Peruvian Maca. Of course, every man has individual health state that`s why we provide them with special treatments. However, I always recommend this remedy to my patients.

Our work experience has shown that 98% of our patients are happy with the results of treatment.

They remedy helped young men become confident again by solving their psychological problems. It also boosted potency of men even at the advanced age of 92. Unlike other remedies, Peruvian Maca is a perfect way for improving overall health and wellbeing.

James Adamson, a famous urologist and the Doctor of Medical Science,
11 years of work experience.

Feedbacks about peruvian Maca

Anthony, 41 y.o.

I buy Peruvian Maca because of immediate effect. Once my friend regaled me with it before we went out. That night we were eager to have lots of fun, so we got acquainted with some nice women. It turned out that now I can`t get rid of their extra attention. They really want me and can't see anything beyond that hunger:) To satisfy their needs, I order a package of Peruvian Maca every month:))

Jacob, 24 y.o.

I used to hear "That`s all?!" from every woman I had sex with. I had been searching for information everywhere, read lots of books about premature ejaculation and etc. Luckly,I found out about Peruvian Maca from the urologist I know in Moscow when I was on business there:)) She helped me to get rid of this problem. Now when I come to Moscow, she says that she is only my personal doctor, not more:)

Arnold, 56 y.o.

Last few years my sexual drive was slowly getting lower, although, I had a lovely wife and perfect relationships with her. Sometimes I had double feeling: on the one hand I wanted to make love, but on the other hand no. And most of the time the second option was chosen. My friend who is a doctor, by the way, told me that sex is very important for men`s health. That`s why he highly recommended me to take Peruvian Maca. The results were amazing: I feel way younger now and regularly have sex.

How to use

Open a package

Mix up 1 teaspoon of Maca powder to 250-400 ml of water/tea/milk 1 or 2 times a day within 4 weeks

Get horny

Peruvian Maca
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